JKOA Partners with Sri Lanka Rupavahini for Olympics 2020 Live A

2021-08-18 07:18:01

The JKOA team received the opportunity to partner with Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation and Channel Eyethe official broadcasting partners in Sri Lanka of the Tokyo Olympics for their performance analysis programme. JKOA contributed two interactive smartboards to be used during the programme in order the present and report the perfect analysis of the major global event. The team also provided complete training and assistance to the media presenters and the staff of SLRC. This project was initiated by Mr. Ashok Babu (Product owner – Digital Interactive Smart Boards), Mr. Farhani Hassan (Sales Executive) and Mr. Qutbuddeen Abbas.  

This partnership enabled JKOA to gain brand visibility among our target audience, showcase the features of the solution we offer, and place JKOA as a leading solutions provider for interactive smart boards.